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UITS Support Center job opportunities - IUB, IUPUI, or IU Northwest

Support Center consultant

Job summary

The UITS Support Center is hiring part-time consultant positions. Consultants are scheduled to work between 20-29 hours per week and are required to be available to work evening and/or weekend shifts. We require a commitment to work at least 2 full semesters.

Consultants provide tier 1 technical assistance to students, faculty, and staff of the IU-supported communities over multiple services such as phone, email, chat, and walk-in. Job duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provides technical advising and troubleshooting support to clients in order to resolve problems reported for multiple service areas, including but not limited to:
    • Desktop and mobile computing device platforms (including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and others)
    • Central systems (email, learning management systems, storage platforms, etc.)
    • Campus networking (wired and wireless connectivity)
  • Documents all customer interactions for research, review, and future reference.
  • Follows up with clients until a satisfactory resolution is reached. As necessary, escalates unresolved issues to the appropriate supervisors, tier 2 staff, and administrators.
  • Updates technical documentation in the IU Knowledge Base for both internal and public consumption.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service during every single customer contact. Our service extends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our schedules are set on a semester basis.

Required qualifications

Applicants are required to have prior customer service experience, proven technical abilities, excellent communication skills, and the ability to speak English clearly and well.

Applicants MUST submit a resume and cover letter to be considered.


Schedulers request availability templates from each consultant before the start of each semester (fall, spring, and summer) to create a semester template. Each week's schedule is based on the semester template. Shifts are assigned based on a combination of staffing needs, consultant availability, seniority, and attendance history. Support Center consultants are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week and may work a maximum of 29 hours per week.

Application Process

UITS has an established, multi-step recruiting and hiring process designed to discover the best candidates for positions.

Applicants: There are no set timeframes for hiring processes, but UITS will keep you apprised of your application status.

Resume submission

Tips: Include relevant work history and qualifications; ensure contact information is up-to-date; and double-check for content and format errors.


Tips: Have a phone interview? Find a quiet, secure location and use a landline or fully charged cell phone. For in-person interviews, arrive early and ask questions.


UITS HR will contact you after the interview process. If offered the job, congratulations! You will then need to complete work authorization forms and pass a background check.

To find more best practices for application submission and interviewing, review hiring and recruiting tips.


Starting wage is $13 per hour ($13.50 per hour for after-hours shifts)

Consultants at any campus may be eligible for a $0.50 raise upon completion of their first 90 days of employment.

Positions include work-study opportunities. For more, see the Student Central Work-Study pages for IUB or IUPUI.

Apply online

If you're interested in becoming a Support Center consultant, apply online here.

Contact information

For questions or more information about Support Center job opportunities:

  • Bloomington: Email schiring@iu.edu
  • Indianapolis: Email schirein@iu.edu

Technology Center Consulting job opportunities - IUB or IUPUI


Job description

At Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI, under general supervision, consultants provide in-person technical assistance to students, faculty, and staff. Consultants may be asked to assist with issues related to the following:

  • Desktop and mobile computing device platforms (including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and others)
  • Central systems (email, learning management systems, storage platforms, etc.)
  • Campus networking (wired and wireless connectivity)

In addition, consultants provide direct support to clients of the Student Technology Centers (STCs). They offer technical assistance relating to software and hardware issues, resolve printer problems, monitor supplies, and maintain the lab environment.


  • Proactive customer service attitude
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Professional attitude and demeanor
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • At least one year of related customer service experience preferred
  • Computing skills across the Windows and Mac platforms, including operating systems and applications
  • Commitment to working a minimum of 12 hours per week

Consultant shifts

All TCC consultants are required to work a minimum of 12 hours per week. Consultants are assigned shifts at the beginning of each semester, based on consultant availability. TCC is open to customers 7 days a week; therefore, a wide variety of shifts is available, and there is an easy process to find substitutions for unforeseen exceptions.

For STC hours and staffing, see Staffing in the IUB and IUPUI STCs.


TCC consultants are paid $12.15 per hour. After successful completion of a 6-week probationary period along with an evaluation of training, consultants are eligible to be paid $13.00 per hour.

IU part-time staff are paid on an hourly, biweekly basis, with no remission of academic fees and no commitment to continuous employment.

Positions include work-study opportunities. For more, see the Student Central Work-Study pages for IUB  or IUPUI .

Apply online

To apply for a TCC position, complete the Application for Consultant Position .  Applicants not affiliated with Indiana University should click ‘Continue as Guest’.  Use the dropdown to select the appropriate application for your campus, IUB or IUPUI.

For employment information, contact tcchr@indiana.edu at IU Bloomington, or admintcc@iupui.edu at IUPUI.